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The Gisborne Photo News




7 yr old Scott Hannah from Central School sits on the right leg of his Teddy Bear who won "Biggest Bear" at the Teddy Bears Picnic held at the Botanical Gardens as a part of the Aim Children's Book Festival. Scott shares the cover of Photo News with lots of other children who with their parents and Teddy Bears braved an impending storm to be there. We will cover this event in Vol 22

It is always interesting to pick up an earlier magazine and marvel at the changing face of Gisborne. The 1st Photo News we published in June 1993 was a sell out. Vol 6, November 1993, saw the introduction of coloured photos. Now Gisborne Photo News is celebrating its 21st. We've got bigger and a little bit different but always the same inasmuch as we support the positive things in the community. We are the "Good News" magazine reflecting the good life that you, the community, participates in. With the summer holidays over and the winter sports playing their 1st games of a new and exciting season Photo News looks forward to capturing Gisborne out there doing it. We are more accessible to you, the readers, in our Grey Street shop where you can view a display of some of the many photos that we have taken, the majority of which have never been published. We hope that you will continue to support us and will in fact find us more exciting and enjoyable. To keep our magazine colourful and current we need to be kept informed of what is happening in our community, so thankyou to all you people who do ring us with news of all these exciting events. It is regretful that we cannot always attend every function, so please do not assume that we are not interested. Enjoy.

Photos taken for this magazine and others are available for sale.