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The Gisborne Photo News




Personal Jet Ski Watercraft have been seen on Gisborne beaches and rivers for several years. Members of the Hawkes Bay Jet Ski Club visited Waikanae Beach to give the locals a taste of organised racing. These 1st races held in Gisborne may be the beginning of a Jet Ski Club in Gisborne.


The 1st Jet Ski Race started in Gisborne 25m off Waikanae Beach. It proved to be a totally new experience for most of Gisborne's Jet Ski owners.


Ross Whitfield from Hawkes Bay (the current NZ No 1 Freestyle Jet Skiier) only knows 2 speeds - stop & go


Jon Armstrong (left) receiving a little fine tuning to the business end of his K750 machine by Paul Corrin.


Mark Bell, one of a couple of Jet Skiiers who live in Wairoa. He teamed up with Steve Shields in the relay race. The results were academic as the name of the game was fun.


Mark Bell (left) with Noel Suckling of Hawkes Bay racing for the next bouy. Water action supreme.


Photo courtesy Dunstane & Kinge

Susan Willson and Peter Cameron were married at St Andrews Church. They were attended by Rachel McGregor their Flowergirl, William McPherson, Donna Willson, Marisa Burns and Dennis Hyde. The happy couple have made their home in Gisborne.