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The Gisborne Photo News



Ayton Reunion

Approximately 250 ex Ayton House Girls attended the 80th Anniversary of Ayton House (1915 - 1995) held at the Gisborne Girl's High School. Two of the 1st Day Boarders, Mary Briant and Charlotte Cameron now in their 90's and both still Gisborne residents, were the "special" guests while others travelled from England, Australia and the South Island to mingle with old friends. The majority of friendships were rekindled as though they had only been apart for the Christmas Holidays. Most admitted that they didn't like boarding at Ayton House but did enjoy the company of their fellow boarders. With a variety of activities and events to attend throughout the weekend of the reunion, none could pick a highlight as each function reunited the closeness of those who shared those special memories of Ayton House.


Janet Wilson, President of the Ayton House Reunion Committee that organised the do.



Some of the 1964 era: Margaret Ferris (Nugent), Diedre Pari (Binsted), Susan Allport (Donald), Mere Pohatu (White), Janet Bayly (Quilter) & Suzanne Andrew (Oates).


June Kinder (Mitchell) & Judy Taylor (Wykes)


Jay Woodford (Haig) & Jane Winter.