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The Gisborne Photo News



The Monthly Community Photo Magazine
Published by: Gisborne Photo News Art Services Ltd. P.O.Box: 2010 Gisborne. Office: Corner of Gladstone Rd & Grey Street.
The photos taken for this magazine and many others are available following publication.
January has been a month dominated by water activities in Gisborne. While the city fathers have kept an eye on the town's consumption, others have taken to the sea and pools to compete and cool off. It's always a bonus to be a photographer covering water events in Gisborne's tropical climate while others have finished their holidays and are slogging away in the office. As a result of being seen around town, I was asked to do my first wedding and, although approached with some trepidation, it turned out to be a real experience. There is something very satisfying about recording such an important event in a couple's life. Memories and photographs are all that remain the day after so there is a certain amount of responsibility involved. My thanks to those concerned for their confidence and faith in my ability. Another "real life" experience for me this month, was sending off our son to his first job having finished his stint at University. It was a proud and emotional moment. There are great demands placed on parents to get a child through to the work stage in this day and age. There are successes and failures to be dealt with, while keeping them safe but allowing them to grow as individuals and not kerbing their initiative. It is a time-consuming, worrying but rewarding task. There will be many parents who will be experiencing the "cutting of the umbilical cord" as their offspring head out of town to polytechnics, universities and jobs. My thoughts are with you all.
Editor: Ginny Sherriff
Photographs: Ross Moodie, Ginny Sherriff.
Production and Design: John Stirton.
Administration: Vicki Coley.
Advertising Representatives: Vicki Coley, Ross Moodie.
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