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The Gisborne Photo News



About Town

After the closing down of Weddel Kaiti local freezing workers showed that they have not just given up all hope. Thanks to the efforts of many caring people, some have found work out of town. The fighting spirit of Gisborne workers and their support network in the face of adversity shines out as an example to all.


These freezing workers travel to Wairoa 6 days a week leaving at 4-45am, returning 6-10pm.
Back (L to R): Tom Kerekere, Barry Franklin, Erana Nepe, Hei Wari Phillips, Tau Moeke, Hugo Smith, Pera Tamatea & Tom King. Front: Morris Nepia, Colin Hitaua, Terry Tata, Rua Brown, Wita Mita & Percy Nepe.


Caroline Emerre has returned to Gisborne from Lincoln University, Christchurch and picked up her interest in the lifesaving movement. A Wainui ex nipper who specialises in board rescue & board relay events Caroline has the use of this new rescue board sponsored by Mike Nell, a Wainui resident.