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The Gisborne Photo News



The Musical

Produced by the Gisborne Theatre Arts, "Chess the Musical" ran to near sell out audiences over 14 nights in an impressive display of local talent. This was only the second time an amateur society had produced the show and it is to be hoped that there will be many more of such a high calibre.


The Impressive black & white robes of the chorus line on the equally Impressive chessboard.


Anatoley Sergievsky ( T Seymour) and Florence Vassy ( M Scott) deep in an affair.

Photographs by Lee

American Grandmaster (Treva Rice) and Russian Grandmaster (Tony Seymour) battling it out in one of the important chess games to determine the world chess champion, under the watchful eye of the Arbiter (John Blackman)



The well Known scene from "one night in Bangkok"


Fredrick Trumper ( Treva Rice) and Anatoly Sergievsky ( T Seymour) tring to cut a deal with head of the Russian Delegation (P Derby) and Head of the American Delegation (D Newsham) keeping a watchful eye on proceedings.


World newspaper reporters grilling Fredrick Trumper ( T Rice) about his involvement in the World Chess Championships.