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The Gisborne Photo News




Founded in 1978, the Warbirds Association includes approximately 600 members from New Zealand and all over the world. Long weekends are a good opportunity for these enthusiasts to get together and where better than Gisborne for Labour weekend, with sunny skies and top hospitality at places such as Smash Palace with its "refitted for flights of fantasy" DC3. Every Easter the Warbirds head to Wanaka but President of the Association, Trevor Bland enjoys the visits to Gisborne, the scene of his old 75 Squadron Airforce camps.


President Trevor Bland and daughter Heidi in front of his 50 year old Dakota used by General McArthur in the Philippines during World War 2. Heidi is the only female ground crew and has applied for the Airforce next year to train as a pilot and carry on a family tradition.



For Freda Crawford, Deana Karatiana, Rose Crawford and Aaron Dargie, the grass in front of one of the six Harvards in the Warbirds Association was an ideal spot to spend a few quiet minutes on a sunny long weekend. Harvards were used as Airforce training craft during the 1950s and 60s. This one is part of the "Roaring 40s" formation flying team.


Gisborne people queued up to take advantage of the Dakota flights over the city and surrounds for $20. This helps to defray some of the expenses incurred by the Warbirds Association and at the same time gives young and old the opportunity to experience the thrill of flight of a bygone era.