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The Gisborne Photo News



Wandering through Wairoa

Man o Man

Kids House


Winner of the Man o Man contest to raise funds for the Athletic Senior netball team was Jemal Paul. The 10 contest ants were put through their paces being asked to dance, sing, chat up the opposite sex and pose in Jocks and boxers with a 1 minute aerobic session. A cream pie eliminated the unsuccessful chaps until a winner emerged in the form of a Shell Shop sex symbol Jemal. Great entertainment and a top nights out for all the lucky ladles in the audience.


With 8 staff catering for up to 30 children, the Community Child Care centre or "Kids House" is a hive of activity. These four were quite happy to pose for the camera. (L to R) : Brodie McNabb, Katie Winter, Joshua Whye and Lucy Yates.