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The Gisborne Photo News





The Past V Present game held to celebrate 60 yrs as a club in local hockey. Doug Lewis (left) is inside his post, goalkeeper Barry Atkinson & Peter Carroll survived this penalty corner.


Peter Carroll prepares to attack the ball. Peter is the son of club stalwart Jim Carroll, a foundation member from 1934 when the Gisborne Scottish Club (1932) changed its name to the Caladonian Hockey Club.


At half time the players took shelter from the chilling rain & hall. Some of the old personalities are: Jock Livingston (2nd front from left) started playing in 1936. Doug Lewis is 66yrs old but not as old as Doug Kerr (3rd back left) who is 68. Gil Munro (7th back left) is 60 and is still an active player. Jim Carroll (4th front left) is now 80 and has enjoyed his Life Membership being active at all levels of hockey & can be found every weekend at the Harry Barker Reserve.