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The Gisborne Photo News



Then and Now

A 1924 Model T Ford called "Liz" was originally bought from Gisborne Motors by a Mr Ferguson. "Liz" was eventually purchased by Len McCullough in 1956 for £20 from a Mr C. Scott of Childers Road where it was stored on blocks in a shed, covered with cobwebs and without a battery but complete with original tools etc. Len enlisted the help of Len Faulkner (a neighbour) who owned a T Model to show him how to drive "Liz."


Back seat: Ernie, David Lister, John front seat: Len and Graham


Len taking "Liz" through brake test


A more recent photo is remarkable in that " Liz" is still roadworthy and being regularly used for weddings etc. The men, Ernie Brown (left) John Chiplin, Graham White and Len McCullough (who with David Lister, back seat centre above) are in both photos with "Liz" taken outside the Testing Station in Carnarvon Street.