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The Gisborne Photo News




This reunion brought back memories of interschool competitions at the Oval, playing a variety of games, visiting other schools on Sports Day playing basketball and the most memorable of all, school picnics.


A photo of the Makaraka Basketball team taken at the Oval in the winter of 1939. Elizabeth McMillan (back 4th from left) Lorna Allan (back 2nd from right), Jess Rickard (middle 3rd from left), Shirley Goodall (middle 3rd from right), Valerie Gillgren (middle right), Iris Tate (front 2nd from left) and Nancy McGrannachan (front 3rd from left).


Autumn 1994 at the home of Valerie Gillgren (left) a reunion of some of the former Makaraka pupils took place to set up contact with the others who have since left Gisborne. From the left Valerie Gillgren, Jess Rickard, Shirley Goodall, Elizabeth McMillan, Nola Holmberg, Nancy McGrannachan, Winifred O'Halloran MBE (teacher & coach), Iris Tate, Nancy Coutts and Lorna Allan.