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The Gisborne Photo News



The Monthly Community Photo Magazine
Published by: Gisborne Photo News Art Services Ltd. P.O.Box: 2010 Gisborne. Office: State Insurance Building, 124 Bright Street.
The photos taken for this magazine and many others are available following publication.
This month's cover illustrates what summer in Gisborne is all about. Bob Dyer and Brent Clay are pictured getting plenty of air in their IRB during the Kellogg's Elimination Carnival at Wainui beach. Temperatures in the 30s for most of January kept Gisborne sizzling while further south floods were the problem as places like Queenstown and the West Coast were deluged with rain. Sydney suburbs and parks were devastated by the worst bush fires ever and homes and lives were lost in Los Angeles as a major earthquake shook the area. Following these natural disasters the loss in terms of revenue from the tourist industry is substantial. Meanwhile the climate in our area has dragged the tourists in and they have spent their holidays in true summer style with great prospects of returning. If we are helpfull and treat our visitors with courtesy, the natural attractions will do the rest. The best form of public relations is word of mouth. The various events included in this magazine show how we make the most of what Gisborne has to offer.
Editor: Ginny Sherriff.
Photographs: Ross Moodie, Ginny Sherriff.
Production and Design: John Stirton.
Administration: Vicki Coley.
Advertising Representative: Mare Hodges.
Phone: (06) 867 2262
Fax: (06) 867 7011