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The Gisborne Photo News




Free falling from 10,000 feet to 5,000 feet in 30 seconds.

Sponsored by Shell Midway.

Promoted by 89 FM


Two weeks of waiting shows on Chris Palmer's face.


Marty Lloyd, Jumpmaster from Bay Skydivers, secures the harness which will bond them togther for the jump.


Chris surrounded by the people who nominated him for this prize.


The day of the jump was cloudy so the wait went on. The crowd was very supportive and avoided talking about air disasters.

After many hours of suspense Chris and Marty floated to land 50 metres from their take off spot. The smile on his face was now more like the Chris of old.


The plane was a tiny speck in the sky. The crowd on the ground used a variety of methods to look straight up.


Mary and Jessica Croskery with Janette, Thomas and James Poulsen watch the parachutes open in a colourful display.


Presented with a silver mug and sporting a relieved smirk, Chris Palmer, the Tossed Boss.