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The Gisborne Photo News



Operation Sunshine

The combined efforts of Radio Gisborne and N.A.C. produced and dispatched 6,000lbs of lemons from the people of Gisborne to Invercargill invalids, pensioners and needy institutions.

On To Oranges...Where Christine and Bernard Haenga prefer the sweeter variety of citrus fruit. These oddly shaped oranges were found by them in the bottom of a bag of the fruit brought home by their Dad.

And A Little Bit Of Foam...One of the trickiest fireman ever seen through our lens is young Guy Bridson. He reckons the combination of cowboy and fireman is Just the cat's pyjamas and ideal for all emergency situations. He was giving "a helping hand" at cleaning up the Fire Brigade's Emergency Services Display (pages 6 to 8) and is shown with his Dad Matthew Bridson (who is a Real fireman) after the display ended.


This annual operation is always well supported and at the airport 2ZG's Moana Rangihuna, N.A.C. manager Colin Bell and Mayor Harry Barker help load the last of the lemons which were packed in Fido boxes from Watties.


Christine and Bernard are the daughter and son of Rewai and Maureen Haenga, 22 Karaka Street.