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August Birthdays

Whither We Goest?


The August birthday celebrants, and indeed all the other members of the Senior Citizens' Association, enjoyed a very jolly birthday concert on August 7. The birthday people at this particular gathering, pictured with the lady vice-president, Mrs R. Pearce (at left back) are, from centre, at back, Mesdames R. Lamont and J. Gordon, and in front, M. Stevenson, G. Moore, A. Fitzmaurice and N. Bell.


An extremely well attended seminar was held in the Red Cross Rooms on August 5 where the theme was "Gisborne's Future—A Community View." A panel of community representatives presented their own views and these were followed by open discussion. Those on the panel at the seminar, which was organised by the Gisborne Branch of the Values Party are, from left, Messrs Ron Drummond and Eric Adye, Mesdames Marie Goldsmith and Pat Thorp, student Neil Van Dorp, and chairman Millen McKay.