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The Gisborne Photo News



Changing Face

Gisborne's face is ever changing, sometimes on a dramatic scale such as the new Post Office, and sometimes on a more modest scale as pictured here.


The Gisborne Taxi Society now has its headquarters in Palmerston Road and operates its service from this renovated building on the left. The stand in Bright Street is still in use though with customers being able to summon a taxi through a call box if there are no cabs on the rank.


After years of sterling service the old office in Bright Street has now gone but seen here being demolished by Ray Gomm.


A new building, also in Palmerston Road, has been erected by John Bunyan, Saddler. One half of the building gives Mr Bunyan much more room than in his previous quarters in Lowe Street, while the other half is let to N.Z. Electrical Traders Ltd.