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The Gisborne Photo News



The Power Of The Wind And Sea

The high winds and crashing seas of the mid-June storm have left some nasty reminders that the forces of nature have to be reckoned with. Out at Wainui hundreds of cubic yards of sand, from a depth of six to eight feet, have been washed away, exposing the layer of papa rock and most of the protective groynes. Near quite a few homes the high banks have been slashed away, leaving them with no more than twenty feet to the edge. It's to be hoped that nature doesn't ravish the area again before something can be done about the situation.


Some of the homes at Wainui Beach perching perilously close to the eroded bank.


The foreground groyne indicates just how the sand has been washed away.


This log, and soft papa rock, have also been uncovered from under a considerable depth of sand.


Further evidence of the effects of the powerful wind and strong seas is seen here.


On the back Awapuni Road these power poles were bent over to a thirty degree tilt by the gale.


Members of the Gisborne Yacht Club acted quickly to prevent further erosion of the bank in front of the clubhouse by putting in this retaining wall made of posts. The sea has come within a matter of feet of the clubhouse, even upending a large, solid concrete barbecue.