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The Gisborne Photo News



Pot Pourri

Grand Master Welcomed

A Million Deposited

Address Presented


The District Grand Master of the Manchester Unity Lodge, Bro. S. H. Stringer, was welcomed by a good attendance of members during his visit to Gisborne. Pictured during the meeting are, from left, Bro. A. Plaisted (P.D.G.M.), Sister P. N. Plaisted (Area Master), Bro. J. E. Anderson (P.D.G.M.), Sister Anderson (P.G.), Bro. R. G. Robb (P.D.G.M.), Sister Robb, Bro. Stringer (P.D.G.M.), Sister Stringer (P.G.), Bro. F. K. Orr (L.S.N.G.), Bro. B. N. Gill (Area Master), and Sister K. A. Brown (P.G.).


Mr Dawson Urry (left) was the depositor who turned over the millionth dollar in deposits at the City branch of the Hawke's Bay and Gisborne Savings Bank. The branch was only opened on December 1, 1971. To mark the occasion of the deposit, Mr Urry was presented with a handsome silver salver. At centre is bank manager Mr Graham Bell and, at right, bank trustee Mr David Miller.


An illuminated address, a citation for outstanding service to ex-servicemen, was presented to Mr Les Stichbury at the R.S.A. Rooms. A member of the R.S.A. executive from 1955 to 1972, Mr Stichbury was presented with the address to mark the ninth anniversary of the granting of a charter to the R.S.A. Club. From left, Messrs Keith Tarry (vice-president), Stichbury, Gordan Harris (president) and Fred Phillips (vice-president).