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The Gisborne Photo News



Over The Sea And Far Away

4000 Miles

2000 MILES

6000 Miles


A bunch of Gisborne-ites having a great time in Perth, almost 4000 miles away, are pictured here. They were all attending the 1971 Rugby ball in that fair Western Australian city. From left, in front, John Arthur, Eddie Skuse, Burton Lamont. Centre row: Robyn Arthur, Robyn Aylward, an Australian ring-in, and Lynda Bernstein. Back row: Bruce Stanbridge, Peter Bailey, Greig Mead, Patrick Henderson, Burke Butler, Ron Bayley and Richard Bernstein.


Over in Brisbane to start a year's working holiday in Australia are Stephanie, Jacqueline and Frances Burke. The girls, who are the daughters of Mr and Mrs W. S. Burke, 30 Hospital Road, are pictured before their departure by plane, at the Auckland International Airport.


This picture was taken in Bakersfield, California, U.S.A., where Barry McGregor and Kit Bullivant, both of Gisborne, were working on a farm, planting 14,000 acres of cotton. Barry and Kit were each driving one of the planters seen lined up along the top of the picture. They have since moved on from this job and are now working on a 480,000 ranch, up in Oregon.