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Motoring With Robbie

A Handy Windscreen Scraper may lie right in your pocket - it's your comb. The smooth edge along the back of a plastic or hard-rubber comb will remove a light coating of ice or frost quickly without scratching the windscreen.

Garnishing Of Reflective Tape on the front of a car can be left to the jalopy owners. However, it can be handy if it's fastened to inconspicuous places so that its warning can be flashed to other motorists - only when the bonnet or boot lid is raised.

Handy Hint When your car has to be left standing for long periods it is better to chock the wheels rather than to apply the hand brake, otherwise the hand brake cable tends to stretch.


Rustproof Tailpipe Extensions that will outlast commercial extensions can be made from bathroom drainpipe. Get some chromed brass or copper pipe that will fit snugly and drive it into, or over, the tailpipe with a soft hammer.


Dirt collecting in blind corners in the tailgate slots of a utility or trailer often prevents the tailgate from closing properly. You can eliminate these dirt traps by cutting about one inch off the bottom of the tailgate cleats on each side.


This Mask will keep paint off the tyres when you spray or touch up the wheels. Cut a carton as shown and stand it beside the wheel. Make a ring of cardboard and slide it through the hole until it bears firmly against the rim. The mask can be used over and over again.


Anchor your test meter firmly in place with suction cups to prevent vibration from knocking it to the ground. You can buy the rubber cups with nuts molded in them. Drill holes in the back of the meter case for bolts to hold the cups.