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The Gisborne Photo News



Motu River Trip

Eleven members of the Gisborne Canoe and Tramping Club recently made an adventure some trip down the Motu River in three rubber dinghies.

Included in the party were three girls who became the first women to complete the journey.

Four days after setting out, seven of the party reached the Bay of Plenty coast, the remaining four having set out on foot to tramp up a tributary, the Mangatutara River, and eventually out to Gate Station inland from Ruatoria. Their trip took them seven days. (Pictures by Adrian Faulkner).


Adrian Faulkner and Dave Middlemiss hang on tight as their rubber dinghy negotiates turbulent water


Lilas McMillan, Ian Faulkner, Keith Thomson, John Wells, and Rodney Faulkner paddle downstream in their heavily laden dinghy.


At the end of the road the party prepares to set out. From left: +Margaret Giddons, +Dave Middlemiss, +Pam Wilson, Dave Hughes, ++Rodney Faulkner, ++John Wells, Michael Adye, ++Ian Faulkner, ++Keith Thomson, +David Russell, +Bill Bishop (leader), Lyn Frampton, +Lilas McMillan, and Robin Kane. (+ denotes dinghy party. ++ denotes tramping party).