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The Gisborne Photo News



Pot Pourri


Twelve tons of towels, which were soiled when they sank on a barge capsized in Kobe Harbour, Japan, during a recent typhoon, were unloaded at Cook's Laundry last month. Purchased by the Gisborne firm of Barwick's Auction Mart, they were in good condition other than minor rust marks from the steel bands surrounding the bales. The shipment contained some 34,000 towels, which were all laundered before being put on sale. Berwick's, Cook's, and Road Services staff are pictured unloading the shipment at the laundry.


A City Council grader recently spent a day on Waikanae Beach levelling the sand in preparation for the summer holidays, A front-end-loader and truck were also engaged in removing logs.


A revolutionary sheep-dip, the first of its type in the district, will be working the East Coast area, from Mohaka to Opotiki, this season. Completely portable, it is a shower-dip type, and was built in Hastings. Pictured with the dip, trailer, and truck with two 500 gallon tanks, are Bill Hitchens, owner, and Ralph Ashdown, operator.