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The Gisborne Photo News



Pantomine In The Pub

The old British Empire Hotel, which closed its doors for the last time to beer-drinking patrons in July, has been the scene of much "un-hotel-like" activity in recent months.

The wardrobe, back-stage, and ballet personnel of the Unity Theatre's Christmas pantomine, short of room for rehearsals and the giant task of assembling costumes and scenery, were quick to take advantage of the spacious, unoccupied building, and were granted its use until demolishment, by D. J. Barry Ltd.


The rail around the private bar proved ideal for ballet practice. From camera: Kerrin McMurray, Lynette Martin, Diane Clare (ballet mistress), Glenys Jones, and Regency Blair.


Backstage crew take time off to put their elbows up on the old public bar. From left: Pat Woodford (producer), John Gordon, Christine Houlahan, Colin Downes, and Rex Hickman (stage manager).


Busy sewing costumes in a former bedroom are, from left: Sandra Fleming, Dawn Hibdidge, Pat Woodford, Marge Hickman, Peg Archer, Val Fawcett, and Doreen Harrison.