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Top Maori Hockey Teams

The annual Maori hockey tournament for East Coast teams was held at Waituhi recently, with 18 teams taking part. Following the hockey games, poi and Maori chant competitions were held.


Pictured above are the tournament winners, the Gisborne Latter Day Saints team, whose members are from left, back row: L. Parata, J. TePairi, M. Smiler, D. Smiler, D. Parsons. Middle row, S. Smiler (coach), T. Smiler, M. Ngaira, J. Ferris, G. Smiler, L. Smiler, W. Smiler. Front row: H. Smiler, A. Brown (captain), L. Kahuroa (chaperone), P. Poipoi (vice-captain), and T. Smiler sen. (manager). Absent B. Smiler and club president A. Whaanga
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A composite team of L.S.D. and Horouta players represented the Gisbome area and won the Lady Arihia Ngata gold cup for the zone competition. They are from left, back row: Q. Grace, L. Parata, W. Smiler, T. Smiler, E. Grace. Middle row: S. Smiler (co-selector), J. Hiroki, J. TePairi, M. Smiler, J. Ferris, G. Smiler, P. Tuhaka, T. Tuhaka. Front row: A. Grace (co-selector), A. Brown (captain), P. Peachey, P. Poipoi, and T. Smiler sen. Absent) B. Smiler.
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Members of the Horouta senior ladies' hockey team, Mrs Polly Peachy (vice-captain) and her sister, Peti Tuhaka, with the Sybil Wylie and the P.B. Hockey Association championship cups, which their team won in the 1962 season.