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The Gisborne Photo News





Mr Albert Edward Drummond, who was deputy-chief fire officer for the Gisborne Fire Brigade when he retired in 1959 after 43 years service, was given a full fireman' s funeral when he passed away recently. His fellow colleagues in the brigade formed a guard of honour both at Cochrane's Chapeland at the Taruheru Cemetery, and flanked his favourite fire engine, carrying his casket, through Gladstone Road (above).


Deputy-chief fire officer Drummond


Mr Owen Pritchard, who for the past 26 years has been a resident of Gisborne, passed away in his seventy-ninth year, Mr Pritchard originated the idea of sending "cheer-germs" to people in hospital and home sick-beds, and helped organise and conduct depression-fighting community singing sessions in the Wellington Town Hall. In recent years, Mr Pritchard has been the hospital visitor for the R.S.A.