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The Nelson Photo News



Through Hill and Stream

We turned our cameras towards the angler this month, and in one respect wished we hadn't. We, like the anglers, have been confronted during the month by swollen and dirty streams, and fish, we found, were few and far between. But young Line Gibbs, above, managed to get one for us to photograph. He caught this nice 31b brown in the Maitai River. Not the same luck, however, for Basil Thorn, of Wakefield (right), and Henry Wallace, of Ngatimoti (below), who flogged the Motueka River without success during our visit.

Should anyone do any better in the future, we'd like to hear from them. And before the fish reach the frying pan stage, please.

Deerstalkers. We are keen to get your stalking prints on to this page. Any offers?