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The Nelson Photo News





Stuart-Best. At the Richmond Methodist Church, Lorraine Joy, daughter of Mr and Mrs W. J. Best, Appleby Road, Richmond, to David William, son of Mr and Mrs R. Stuart, 55 Halifax Street, Nelson. Attendants were Brian Robinson, Christchurch, Ken Morris, Nelson, Geoffrey Morris, Nelson, best man, Margaret Shirtliff, Wellington, chief maid, Jeanette Best, Richmond, sister of the bride, and Linda Stuart, Nelson, sister of the groom. Future home, Motueka.


Jenks-Muntz. At the Annesbrook Church of Christ, Margaret, daughter of Mr and Mrs F. R. Muntz, 43 Jenner Road, Nelson, to Allan, son of Mr and Mrs Jenks, Golden Downs. Attendants were John Gibellini, Stoke, and Jennifer Davies, Nelson, with Wendy Woods, Richmond, a junior maid. Future home, Nelson. (Both pics by Kingsford and Baigent).