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Road test

Ford Escort 1100

Another new feature for "Photo News" readers. Each month John Wells will road test a new car, and assess its capabilities and general features, paying particular attention to what the ordinary motorist wants in a car.

The Ford Escort 1100 which I tested this month, should have a particular appeal to women motorists. It features a very light clutch and gear shift (floor-mounted), a small, three-spoke steering wheel with very accurate steering. Front seating has been so arranged that maximum visibility is given in front and to the side. The seats are firm, yet comfortable. Unlike some vehicles the rear-vision mirror provides excellent visibility towards the rear without impairing forward vision.

I Liked

I was impressed by the way the Escort handled, at speed or in heavy traffic; the large boot capacity; the layout of the engine compartment which should tend to reduce maintenance costs because of accessibility.

I Did Not Like

On a coarse-chip bitumin surface there was excessive road noise. This could be partially due to the lack of padding or sound proofing of two interior rear panels.

Unusual Features

The standard equipment heater and facia-mounted ventilation system (above centre), and a locking device on the two front tilting seats which prevents the seats moving forward under pressure during emergency braking (an important safety feature when children are in the back), at right.

Agents: M. S. Motors; full price, $2083 (£251 sterling deposit)


John Wells, our "Road Test" writer, is an A grade mechanic and a principal of the newlyestablished firm of Roy Watson Ltd., St. Vincent Street. He has had 15 years in the trade and is a committee member of the Nelson Car Club.