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The Nelson Photo News



People and Their Hobbies

Rifle Shooting and Knitting

There are no city bright lights at the Baton, and residents of this country community make their own fun - many of them by developing hobbies such as those which occupy the leisure time of Les Mytton. Les was born at Baton, has farmed there most of his life, and is still living there. In 1912 he joined the Woodstock Rifle Club and has been a member ever since. Now, at the age of 74, he won the five cups displayed below - a pretty notable feat for a 74-year-old. And note the jersey Les is wearing. He grew the wool for it, pun it into yarn, and then knitted it. This is another of his hobbies Others include basket making, stone polishing and painting. Over the years Les has given great service to the community, also. He's been a member of the Waimea County Council and the Catchment and Harbour boards.

Inset, below, is Mrs Jessle Mytton, Les's wife. She is displaying some of the shell-work she does as a hobby.