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The Nelson Photo News



Nelson's Alpine Playground

Mount Robert

Nelson skiers had a lean season last year when the weather man failed to co-operate by providing the wherewithal to ski on our Mount Robert ski field. Earlier this month, however, to the unbounded delight of all skiers, Mount Robert's rocky slopes disappeared under the heaviest fall of snow in 11 years. The snow was there, but getting to it was another matter. The access road was closed for much of the way and members of the Nelson Ski Club in the advance party had to slog through waist-high snow to break a trail in to the field. And even when they reached the top there was more work, for the ski tow ropes were buried under 6ft of snow and had to be dug out. These pix of the activities of club members during the weekend were taken by "Photo News" cameraman John Green, who went in with one of the first parties.

Thought for the week: Why don't you try skiing? Just walk on in. There's a full range of hire equipment available up there.


Philippa Askew, a club instructor, with a class.


Fun in the sun and the snow for Patricia Riddell.


Spills were frequent, but who cared? Certainly not Nick Thomas.