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The Nelson Photo News



Travel Club

A talk on his travels in Russia was given to members of the Nelson travel Club by Mr Bert Cooksley, leader of the New Zealand Gallipoli delegation, recently.


With Mr Cooksley, seated, are Messrs Hartley Palmer, of Richmond, and Charlie Duke, who were members of the delegation. Among other Gallipoli veterans present at the luncheon were Charlie and Eve Warnes (bottom right). Mr Palmer, with Mrs Roby Palmer, is below. Among members present were Mena Everett and Heather Drogemuller (top right), Vera Scrimshaw, Dorothy Coghlan and Jessamine Trathen (below right), and Colleen Pedersen and Jo Janson (bottom left). Top officers of the club, at right, are Mesdames Meg Young (sec), Edith Campen (vice-pres), Betty Trevett (senior vice-pres), standing, and Hannah Vining (pres), Betty Eyre (patron) and Maude Cooksley (wife of speaker).