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Roving Camera

Stoke Highway Hazards

It is difficult for a motorist using the main highway between Stoke and Richmond - better known as the "Stoke straight" - to understand how some motorists get into so much grief on this relatively simple, straight highway. And yet they do, and the number of mishaps that occur on the straight are legend. Two such were recorded by "Photo News" cameras earlier this month.

Junior Golfers


An accident at the all-too-familiar accident spot on the highway, Saxtons Road intersection. One of the cars involved finished up in the ditch. At right, this light car ran off the road for no apparent reason while travelling back towards Nelson, wiped a sign, and finished up in the ditch a few hundred yards from the freezing works.


Three young golfers, Mark Senior, Warren Goldie and Mark Calwell get in a little putting practice at the Nelson course.