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New Bridge at Bainham

For 70 years the old Pomeroys Bridge across the Aorere River at Bainham has served the farming community in the area, but of late it has caused all sorts of problems. Because of weight restrictions farmers have had to unload vehicles on one side of the bridge and take them by trailer and tractor across a swaying structure. But that is all over now. A new 200ft span Bailey bridge now serves the three farmers on the other side of the river. The problem faced by the Golden Bay County Council was that because of the location and the usage, the cost of the new bridge had to be kept to an absolute minimum. And so all but a single span structure was ruled out. The Council's final choice was this Bailey suspension bridge, which is basically a suspension bridge. Unusual features of the bridge are that, designed for Class 4 loading, it is estimated to cost $120 per square foot, compared with about $200 to $220 a sq. ft. for a comparable single lane highway bridge. It is also unusual in that prestressed wire cables are used to anchor the suspension cables to the concrete anchor blocks. The picture inset shows Mr and Mrs W. Graham, whom the bridge serves, with Mr D. J. Halley (Ministry of Works, Wellington), Mr H. Riley (county chairman) after Mrs A Flowers had cut the ribbon to open the bridge. At right are Mr Bill Pomeroy and Mrs and Mr R. Pomeroy. (Pix by Joe Iorns).