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The Nelson Photo News



Aero Club Pageant

(Photos: Roy Ormesher)

Thousands of visitors packed the Omaka aerodrome for Marlborough Aero Club's 40th anniversary air pageant. Star attraction of the show was a replica of the Britannia, New Zealand's first military aircraft, made by club members in a Grovetown back yard. The machine was the focal point for some clowning of "the good old days" variety, before taking off for a short and disastrous flight. The machine, much to the disappointment of club members who had put untold hours into its construction, lifted a few feet off the ground then landed heavily and buckled one wheel. But all in all, a great show enjoyed by everyone.


The Britannia is towed on to-the field, but a few minutes later is dragging one wing a little (left) while officials in dress of the times look for assistance (below left) Below, are the Red Checker R. N. Z. A. F. group as they perform aerobatics, and at bottom, Rex Handley in an old barnstorming act.