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The Nelson Photo News



Jet Copter for Nelson

Shortly after the new Jet Ranger helicopter was assembled and tested in Nelson, we were taken for a ride over Nelson. This was not the first 'copter trip we've done, but it was by far the most surprising. Its acceleration from a standing start was quite amazing and it was extremely manoeuvrable. The machine stooged along at a very deceptive 130 mph and only the speedo (below) gave any indication of the speed. The machine is powered by a 1361 b jet power unit developing about 340 hp. It is to be used by Helicopters (N.Z.) Ltd mainly to service the company's contracts for aerial surveys in oil and mineral exploration. The roomy cabin has seating for five.

The pic above was taken as the machine hovered over Nelson airport. That at left, an air-to-air shot, shows the 'copter close to the boulder bank. (Pic by John R. Sharp).