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The Nelson Photo News



Photographers Go Walkabout

Members of the Nelson Photographic Society went on safari to "Oaklands", Stoke, last month. Their weapons ranged from ordinary mini-cameras to great howitzer-like jobs, and they ducked and dived into all sorts of places to record patterns of light, shade and life. We photographed them as they were photographing.


Gerald Brown lines up an interesting subject on the arm of a garden seat. Browsing among the farm machinery, Daphne and "Mac" McRae didn't know they were making a picture for us (top right). Setting off on safari at right. Leigh Hodgson, a twin reflex enthusiast, examines a subject through the lens of Frank Hinchcliff's camera, while at left Jim Samuels sets up (below). Arthur Parkinson finds a subject for a very long lens (below right).