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Forum And Aginum

That Disgraceful New Year's Eve

Last year, on New Year Eve 1966—67, we branded the so-called celebrations outside the Post Office as a "drunken orgy" and our views were supported by public opinion. The authorities, the police and the City Council were also obviously concerned and in an effort to prevent a recurrence at the 1967-68 New Year Eve festivities below the Post Office clock, meetings were held to find some solution to the problem. The behaviour of the crowd at this year's New Year Eve celebrations displayed very forcibly the complete failure of these meetings. Once again the alleged celebrations developed into a drunken brawl in which a policeman was struck by a bottle, bottles were thrown and finally 31 arrests were made.

Unfortunately, the laws, as they stand at the moment, favour the people most likely to cause trouble. One of the suggestions put forward last year was that Trafalgar Street should be cordoned off and those with liquor or those not sober should not be permitted to enter. But the law says that no street can be closed in this manner. At the moment it is no offence to consume liquor on the street unless the drinker is under age. We feel most strongly that the law must be made a little more Flexible to give the authorities greater power to exercise control. Until this happens the events of recent New Year Eves are likely to be repeated. (Above pic by Geoffrey C.Wood)

Maitai Valley Road

During the summer, one of the busiest roads in Nelson is that leading into the Maitai Valley. Nelson residents use the swimming holes in the Maitai River regularly and the road carries traffic to the motor camp. For the most part the road is in excellent shape, but between Nile Street and the quarry is a particularly dangerous section of roadway which barely permits the passage of two cars. Might we suggest that the council widen the road at this point. It could be done quite easily.