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The Nelson Photo News



Mr Golden Disc in Nelson

The idol of New Zealand teenagers, Lee Grant, paid Nelson a fleeting visit last month within weeks of his winning the Golden Disc award. He made an all-too-brief appearance during a dance at the Sports Hall where he was given a rousing welcome from Nelson fans. When we visited Lee a little earlier in the evening to get the pic at left, we were impressed with his commonsense approach to life, especially as it affects the younger generation. His visit to Nelson appeared to be highly organised and elaborate precautions were taken to ensure that he was not mobbed by over-eager fans. It was unfortunate that his organisers left his visit to so late in the evening. He did not make an appearance until after 11 pm, by which time a large section of the youngsters had to leave to catch last buses and so missed seeing him. But those who stayed were obviously enthusiastic (below).