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People and Their Hobbies

Antique Firearms

Stan Haines is a West Coaster. He is now living in Nelson, but he was born and bred at Kumara and lived there until three years ago. So it's not unusual that his interest in antique firearms is mainly centred around those used in Westland in the pioneering and gold rush days. Stan has been gathering his museum of firearms for the last 40 years and now has something like 60 different pieces. He counts himself extremely lucky in that most have been given to him. He estimates that his collection has cost him between $16 and $18. Some are very rare collector's pieces. He makes all his own ammunition and fires each piece as regularly as he can.


Probably the rarest piece in the collection is this hand-forged scatter gun that was picked up in Bruce Bay. The gun, over 6ft long, has a heavy butt shaped like a pistol butt, and was used extensively by pirates preparatory to boarding.


Another gem, a shotgun of the same variety that came to New Zealand with Captain Cook (its only working parts are a spring under the trigger guard and the trigger; the spring is forced on to a catch on the trigger and when fired it is released and strikes the percussion cap).


Mr Haines against a background of some of his antique firearms