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The Nelson Photo News



People You Know

Cornish Association
Pix taken at a meeting of the Nelson Cornish Association.


President Brian Laity helps David Thomson with the projection work.


Stalwarts Vic Hocking, Joan Hocking (secretary) and Dick Raine.


Sitting back to enjoy the show: John Thomson, Eric Lewis and Mrs Myra Lewis.


Top Jumper
Roger Bailey on Goose Loose seems to be taking all the jumps together in this long telephoto picture of the pony six–bar competition at the show. Roger won the big event for the second year in succession after some magnificent jumping.

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Four Generations
A four–generations picture featuring three grandchildren and five bonny great–grandchildren. At bottom right is the great–grandmother, Mrs W. M. Alborough and Sharon Chapman. Her daughter, Mrs R. M. Gledhill and Diane McKenzie, are at left, and behind are grand–daughters and greatgrandchildren, Mrs F. W. Chapman (and Grant), Mrs T. J. McKenzie (and Bruce) and Mrs I. R. Ward (and Gary). (Rod Neill Studio).