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The Nelson Photo News



Sports Scene


Reprints of pictures appearing in "Photo News", except those credited to other photographere, are available from the Peter Cooper Studio, Trafalgar Street.


English table tennis stars, Denis Neale and Stuart Gibbs, turned on a magnificent display of table tennis against Nelson players during their visit to the city. Their power and control were almost uncanny and, like their badminton Counterparts against the Australians earlier in the month, the Nelson players failed to win a set. But for a camera failure we would have had more of this exhibition. The players who took part were Max Smith, Keith Sharland, Gilliam Kemp, Denis Neale, Maldy Whitwell, Stuart Gibbs, Audrey Eden, Jack Hall, Lionel Wells and Trevor Ewers (absent). At right Stuart Gibbs demonstrates that although hands on the table are barred, feet are not.


Eager Beaver and his Marlborough attendants at Trafalgar Park.


Andrew Harding racing for the basket in the game against Canterbury last month.