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The Nelson Photo News



Power Chief Farewelled


The high esteem in which he was held by his staff and the community as a whole, was amply demonstrated when Mr R. S. S. Meredith, district electrical engineer at Nelson for nearly 15 years, was farewelled recently. He has been transferred on promotion to a similar position in Hamilton. In this picture Mrs Meredith is seated in a rocking chair presented to them by the staff of the N. Z. Electricity Department. Also in the picture are his department heads, from left, Messrs Ian Fraser (suptdt Cobb Power station), Ted Fitzsimmons (workshop overseer), Meredith, Reube Hodgkinson (senior engineer), Jack Lough (assistant district engineer), and Ben Corlett (transmission line engineer).


Tahunanui residents, given the choice of having a licensed hotel in their area or not, voted for no-licence at a poll held at the end of last month. The no-licence voters won the day by a majority of less than 200 in a poll in which only 42 per cent of the 2215 on the roll voted. Here residents cast their votes at a polling place at Tahuna.