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Picture Of Interest To All

Pampering the Palate

While T. V. food man Graham Kerr is away in Australia, his campaign for better appreciation and use of N. Z. foods does not suddenly cease.

There is a team of young New Zealanders at the National Food and Wine Centre in Wellington who carry on the task of focussing attention on our foods.

The team includes Kerr's business partner John Buck, the "Mr Wine" side of. the centre, who is this country's only "Chevalier du Tastevin". . . a French title for recognised wine-tasters.

The centre's activities include lecture courses on wines and food preparation, as well as display of foods, and staff members include trained home economists.


Graham Kerr in familiar pose.


"Mr Wine" (John Buck).


A member of the team, Ann Russell, is a trained home economist.


The centre's attractive receptionist, Heather Morrison.



Paraplegic Robin Hoods

Three of the growing band of courageous and devoted wheelchair sportsmen aim for the bull while competing in the archery section of the recent Paraplegic Sports, in Auckland.

The two rear archers, N. Brown and W. Flood, were both Silver Medal winners at the Jamaican Paraplegic Games. In front is N. Ruatara.

Wheelchair basketball, an apparently spectacular sport, is the newest event to be added to the already comprehensive programme.


Seven layers of different materials, including compressed asbestos, stainless steel, mild steel, and a neoprene seal, were laminated by Industrial Chemicals (N. Z. ) Ltd, in Auckland, to make bearings for this, the largest chimney in New Zealand.
The chimney is 400 feet high, and is on the site of the oil-fired power station now nearing completion at Marsden Point, Whangarei.
Note the apparently mini-sized trucks at the base of the structure.