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Roving Camera


The 30-strong contingent of Sea Scouts from the Iron Duke troop returned to Nelson from the Dominion Sea Scouts regatta near Dunedin, covered in glory. As well as winning for the second year running the Cornwall Trophy for most points scored, the troop won the most coveted award, the Trident, for general behaviour, cleanliness around camp and points scored in various events. As well, the troop won five other finals, took two seconds and a third - a wonderful performance. No wonder they could yell "Iron Duke" with pride, as we took this pic.


Stan Lawrence is firmly convinced that hot mineral springs lie beneath the surface of Tahunanuil's sands. And he's brought his drilling rig to prove it. Stan obtained the permission of the city council some months ago to drill for the hot springs, on a "no find, no pay" basis. But Stan is very confident he'll be paid. I've never missed yet," he told Us. He's seen here preparing his rig, aided by Mrs Elizabeth Andrews.