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The Nelson Photo News



Wedding Bells


Jenks-Howes. At Nelson Cathedral, Janice Howes, daughter of Mrs J. D. Johnson and the late Mr H. B. Howes, Post Boy Hotel, Nelson, to Neville son of Mr and Mrs H. L. Jenks, Golden Downs. Attendants were Barry Chapman, Nelson, Kathryn Jenks, Golden Downs, sister of the groom, John Harvey, best man, Adele Arthur, chief maid, and junior maids Rosemary Bean and Lynette Howes, sister of the bride, all of Nelson. Future home, Nelson. (Peter Cooper Studio).


Clarke-Barnett. At the Knox Presbyterian Church, Jill Lorraine, daughter of Mr and Mrs J. B. Barnett, 3 Chamberlain Street, Tahunanui, to Colin Melville, son of Mr and Mrs M. R. Clarke, Tophouse, St Arnaud. Attendants were Graham Sisson, Nelson, best man, Jennifer Barnett, Dunedin, sister of the bride, chief maid, Max Polglaze, Nelson, and Hilary Barnett, Nelson. (Peter Cooper Studio).


Millar-Oxnam. At the Nelson Cathedral, Nolene Claudette, daughter of Mr and Mrs N. B. Oxnam, 3 Charlotte Street, Nelson, to Michael Julian, son of Mr and Mrs J. H. Millar, 88A Neale Avenue, Stoke. Attendants were Vicky Costley, Nelson, chief maid, A. H. Millar, Waiouru, brother of the groom, Carol and Yvette Oxnam, sisters of the bride, Nelson, J. E. Millar, Dunedin, brother of the groom, and C. D. Cochrane, Papakura. Joanna McCormack, Nelson, niece of the groom, was flower-girl. Future home, Christchurch. (Peter Cooper Studio).