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The Nelson Photo News



Wedding Bells


Guy-Morris, At the Catholic Church, Christchurch, Lynnette Margaret, daughter of Mr and Mrs L. Morris, Christchurch, to Murray Trevor, son of Mr and Mrs M. Guy, 15 Arrow Street, Nelson, They were attended by John Brock, Christchurch, best man, Karen Newman, Christchurch, chief maid, Tim Parkes, Christchurch, Helen Quinn, Christchurch, David Reeves, Christchurch, Margaret Rogers, Christchurch, Ian Morris, Christchurch, brother of the bride, Dianne Guy, Nelson, sister of the groom. Future home, Auckland. (Brian Curtis photo).


Blampied-Watson. At the Church of Christ, Nelson, Valerie Kay, daughter of Mr and Mrs S. A. Watson, East Takaka, to Raynard Thomas, son of the Rev and Mrs R. A. Blampied, Christchurch. Attendants were Denise Blampied, Christchurch, sister of the groom, Margaret Watson, Takaka, chief maid, sister of the bride, Barry Grossie, Nelson, best man, Philip Hart, Nelson. Christine Blampied, Christchurch was flower-girl. Future home, Nelson. (A. R. & Hugh Kingsford).


Autumn At Motufiko


This is the scene which greets the traveller using the Motueka Valley road as he approaches the Motupiko Bridge.