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Champagne Soccer

We'd often heard of the capabilities of professional soccer teams, and had been told that the two teams making a tour of New Zealand, Blackpool and Sheffield United, would prove on the field that their claims to fame were not exagerrated. They did, A big crowd at Trafalgar Park saw soccer, professional style, as never before played in Nelson. It was bewildering. Few cared who won - but for the record, it was Blackpool, 2-1 - for all were enthralled in the ball control and team work displayed by all 22 players. The positional play and skill of every one reflected the amount of time and effort each of them must put into the game. Two of the outstanding displays were given by the goalies, both English internationals, A. Waiters (Blackpool) and A. Hodgkinson. Some of their saves were magnificent.

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The Blackpool team lined up to be introduced to the Mayor


Sheffield boys await their turn


An example of the agility of Blackpool goalie Waiters as he takes a Sheffield shot at goal



Blackpool's first goal coming up as goalie Hodgkinson moves out to intercept C. Charnley, but Charnley eluded him and his pass into the centre, and J. Robson put it into the net despite the despairing dive of Hodgkinson.


"Heads it's mine and watch me elbow, chum."


The kiddies had their brief moment in the centre before they were warned off


Folk dance attitudes as C. Coldwell (Sheffield) awaits the ball


Walters arrives just too late to stop this Sheffield movement but no goal resulted.