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The Nelson Photo News



Roving Camera


Nineteen finalists at Nelson Public Hospital were presented to a former matron, Miss L. M. Stowell, at the nurses' ball held recently. They were, back, Margaret Kelly, Janet Evans, Stephanie Lockhart, Margaret Burridge, Ngawai Hippolite, Janice Moore, Jean Cummings, Heather Taylor, Kay paterson, Sue Crossman; middle, Judith Richards, Val Eagle, Marion Jones, Janet Merlo, Sharyn Bell, Adrienne Pile, Heather Inwood, Margaret Kidson, Joan Dunphy; front, Mrs and Mr D'Arcy Blair, Mrs and Dr H. J. Hiddlestone, Miss S. C. I. Rolls, Miss stowell, Mrs and Mr H. G. West, and Mrs H. M. Roach.


A street in old Cairo - another scene from the Tin Hat Club's revue "she" 11 Be Right".


Harold Simmonds, a member of the New Zealand Rugby Union's laws committee, had a captive audience which included Nelson referees' president, Maurie Tut-ty, when he explained the implications of the new laws to a meeting in Nelson recently.