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New Era In Nelson Dairy Industry

The days of the well-known milk cans, picked up in their thousands during the year in the Nelson district, are numbered. With the appearance on the road early last month of the new gleaming stainless steel tanker purchased by the Nelson Co-operative Milk Producers' Association, the cans have become obsolete. Thus begins a new era in the handling and collection of milk. The new system has many advantages, not the least of which is hygiene. Bulk storage and collection will now also mean an improvement in quality, as the milk, while waiting to be collected, is kept in stainless steel holding tanks at a constant temperature and this is maintained in the tanker until the milk is off-loaded at the treating station.


Board chairman Harry Chisnall and Brian Smith talk over the advantages of the new system


A graduated tube on each supplier's tank gives a quick tally of the quantity inside.


While his co-directors, Messrs Ernie King, Ralph Fletcher and Maurice Kain look on, Mr Chisnall sets in motion the pump to unload the first consignment of tanker milk.