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One Railways Link Remains

With the sale of the Nelson-Murchjson bus service run until recently by the Railways Road Services, to the Nelson Suburban Bus Co, one of the last two Nelson links with the country's rail system disappeared. Mow, if we disregard the plaque by Neale Park commemorating the abandoned Nelson-Blenheim railway, the only link with the railways is the rail-air depot in the old railway goods shed off Gloucester Street. Part of the rail reserve on which this shed is situated is also to be released under a long-term lease, and much of the old Nelson-Glenhope railway land is to be handed over to the city council for the new arterial road through to the Waimea plains.

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The road Services staff beside their buses (Rod Neill Studio).


The Suburban Bus Co takes over the Nelsort-Murchison route


The last link - the shed from which the nail-air freight service is carried on